Chained Sky Book Cover

When the world shattered, it did not end. It was merely a false start. An incomprehensible girl, an ashen man and a sassy goldfish stumble through the stories of a broken world.The story begins after a cataclysmic event caused by a well-meaning father. It centers around his daughter figuratively and literally trying to piece her life back together. Friends and family are scattered due to the volatile nature of the endless world her father created, but before she can find them, she has to find herself.Chained Sky is a multimedia project that will center around a 7-book series.

Hi there! I'm Deryago, aka Andrew "D" Francis.I love creating characters and weaving their stories. My endless pursuit of creativity is to give them the lives they deserve to live.I started writing back in 2003 at the end of my highschool career, but life has a funny way of getting in the way. My career started in graphic design, webdesign and desktop publishing. Then I got a degree in computer science, thinking IT was the answer. Fast forward a decade and I'm back in college pursuing a degree in Media Arts. This time I'm all about creativity and encouraging it in others!

Characteristics: As a side effect of the “shattering,” everything she says is converted into a language no one speaks or understands. To her it seems she’s speaking normally and can fully understand others. When it’s appropriate, she will communicate with her handwriting. Otherwise she relies on actions and being emotive with her voice. She’s a very creative girl who hates conflict, but her impulsive nature combined with the vocal quirk can create issues. This results in her coming across as much more introverted than she would otherwise be.Background: The earliest memories she has are of isolation on a magical island that responded to her creativity. That was where she met her best friend, a little fire-elemental bunny named Kabitu. After learning that her father created the world and has fallen victim to his own mistakes, the responsibility of fixing things and saving the family is left to her. Somewhere out there she has a mother and sister, but she doesn’t even know their names.

Characteristics: Corsa is the man of ash and flowers. After his most recent reincarnation, he lost who he was. His past life was one of many mistakes and it is likely that he chose to forget himself for the sake of others.Background: Everything in the world is bound to who this man used to be. Unraveling the mess that has been created of his many lives will become the mission of his daughter.

Characteristics: Where should I start? He’s a glowing goldfish stuck in a bubbled starfield that acts as the orb for a magical staff. That staff is made of birchwood. He can detach his bubble from the staff and swim around, but usually he prefers to be carried by his companion.Prudence likes long swims on the beach, puns and people who can appreciate his dry wit. Anyone clever enough to call him a fish stick gets bonus points.Background: Man, don’t make me get into his tragic backstory. He has been through a whole lot and rather not talk about how he went from being a person to being bound to a magical staff as a goldfish. Just look at him. He’s the goldest cutefish in the entire world. That’s what matters; that and he’s Flicker’s guide and a disciple of her father.

Characteristics: Anima are manifestations of their person’s magic, often a representation of their inner child or soul. Kabitu currently doesn’t have her physical body and exists as a fiery representation of herself. She’s currently learning to walk and exist in the real world. It was a lot easier living in Flicker’s dreams, but now she can actually eat bread. As a fire elemental, she can choose whether or not to eat what she touches. Did you know Kabitu loves bread? She will bite you for it.Background: In Flicker’s daydreams, she was the Sun. She is convinced that if she eats enough bread she will become the Sun once more. Beh!

Side Story: Paw'Lit's is a spinoff series based in the setting of Chained Sky. It is being developed as an animated series.

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